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Ann Arbor, MI (Hill Auditorium at University of Michigan)Peter Sagal "You've heard about Hillary's secret e-mails, I'm Hillary's secret male" Bill Kurtis 
Alonzo Bodden: 16 (2/7)
Roxanne Roberts: 16 (2/7)
Roy Blount, Jr.: 15 (3/6)
Chosen: Roy Blount, Jr.
Correct: Roy Blount, Jr.
John U. Bacon: 2
Who's Bill This Time?, Bluff the Listener about an employee getting into trouble for terrible workplace behavior, Not My Job about bacon, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: what will be NASA's next disappointing announcement?
The show's producers found that Roy Blount Jr.'s guess for the first panelist round of "texting" actually had an ICD-10 diagnosis code. Roy got a ding for his guess.

During the Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank round, Roy couldn't remember Ralph Lauren's last name for one of his questions, so Roxanne helped him by whispering "Lauren" to Roy and he got the point for providing the full and correct answer.