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Blog Post: Wait Wait's 20th Anniversary Live Taping in Chicago and Scoring Details

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Chosen: (N/A)
Correct: (N/A)
San Diego, CA (San Diego Civic Theatre)Peter Sagal "Stay classy, San Diego" Bill Kurtis 
Jessi Klein: 11 (3/4)
Luke Burbank: 11 (3/4)
Helen Hong: 10 (2/4)
Chosen: Luke Burbank
Correct: Luke Burbank
Tony Hawk: 2
Who's Bill This Time?, Bluff the Listener about unimoons, Not My Job about fancy birds, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: after the college admission bribing scandal, how will Hollywood celebrities get their kids into college?
The third Not My Job question was in regards to a bird beating up David Attenborough while filming a BBC documentary. The correct answer for all three Not My Job questions are: B, B, C.

For Helen Hong's sixth Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank question, she first answered "chicken" but then changed it to "turkey". Peter Sagal gave her the point because he knew her parents would be unhappy.
Chicago, IL (Chase Auditorium)Peter Sagal "Lay me down for a triple word score. I'm Scra-Bill" Bill Kurtis 
Adam Felber: 14 (2/6)
Roxanne Roberts: 14 (2/6)
Peter Grosz: 14 (4/5)
Chosen: Peter Grosz
Correct: Peter Grosz
Ruth E. Carter: 2
Who's Bill This Time?, Bluff the Listener about one of the greatest questions in the world being answered, Not My Job about Garfield, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: who will be the next young billionaire?
Adam Felber's fifth Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank question was about a Chicago Bears signing a new kicker named Chris Blewitt. Adam had a couple of guesses before Peter Sagal asked Peter Grosz, who knew the correct answer and was given a ding. Even so, Peter Grosz did not get credit for that answer; thus, all three panelists finished the game in a three-way tie.

Bill Kurtis stated that a three-way tie has "never happened before"; in which, Peter Sagal said, "Bill, you say that every time that happens".
Chicago, IL (Chase Auditorium)Peter Sagal "Let me toss your salad. I'm, I'm Bill-samic vinaigrette" Bill Kurtis 
Faith Salie: 14 (2/6)
Paula Poundstone: 12 (2/5)
Tom Bodett: 11 (3/4)
Chosen: Tom Bodett
Correct: Tom Bodett
Aaron Sorkin: 1
Who's Bill This Time?, Bluff the Listener about pickles coming to the rescue, Not My Job about hot wings, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: what will be the thing everyone will be talking about at next year's Oscars?
During the first panel round, Faith Salie said "We'll turn the light off for you" as a twist on the Motel 6 tagline: "We'll leave the light on for you"; which, was coined by Tom Bodett.

All three of the choices for the third Not My Job question were correct.

Six of the eight Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank questions asked to Paula Poundstone made it into the edited version of the show. Of those six questions, Paula answered four correct and two incorrect. Bill Kurtis said that Paula answered five correct; which, means that the fifth one would have been one of the two questions that were edited out.
Chicago, IL (Chase Auditorium)Peter Sagal "I don't know if Beale Street could talk; but, Bill Street can" Bill Kurtis 
Amy Dickinson
Adam Felber
Hari Kondabolu
Faith Salie
Paula Poundstone
Peter Grosz
Helen Hong
Roy Blount, Jr.
Luke Burbank
Mo Rocca
Roxanne Roberts
Chosen: (N/A)
Correct: (N/A)
Pete Buttigieg: 3
Nina Totenberg and Robert Siegel: 2
Sarah Brightman: 2
John Grisham: 2
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The Bluff the Listener segment included in this show was from the 2018-12-15 show; and, thus, the chosen and correct bluff information will not be included for this show.