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Chicago, IL (Chase Auditorium)Peter Sagal Korva Coleman 
Paula Poundstone: 13 (3/5)
Luke Burbank: 13 (3/5)
Mo Rocca: 7 (3/2)
Chosen: (N/A)
Correct: Luke Burbank
Drew Carey: 2
Who's Korva This Time?, Bluff the Listener about new psychotherapy developments, Not My Job about about Mr. Rogers as written in "Mental Floss" magazine, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Prediction: what will Fidel Castro do in his spare time after stepping down?
Mo Rocca's Bluff the Listener is another story to refer to "Dingoes Ate My Baby". Peter's mention of Paula's smack talk about Cleveland, Ohio was in reference to her comments from the 2007-04-28 show. Peter names the new blackest black as, "blackity black black black"