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Lenox, MA (Tanglewood/Koussevitsky Music Shed)Peter Sagal "Entrancing Anchorman" Bill Kurtis 
Paula Poundstone: 14 (2/6)
Adam Felber: 13 (3/5)
Roy Blount, Jr.: 12 (2/5)
Chosen: Adam Felber
Correct: Adam Felber
Deval Patrick: 2
Who's Bill This Time?, Bluff the Listener about newspapers trying brand new innovations, Not My Job about Burning Man, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: what will be the next big viral fundraiser after the Ice Bucket Challenge?
During the Listener Limerick Challenge round, Bill Kurtis noted that he wanted to learn more about doing the Limericks from the master. With that, Carl Kasell came on on-stage to do the Limericks for Bill Kurtis.