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Chicago, IL (Chase Auditorium)Peter Sagal "Legendary Anchorman" Bill Kurtis
Luke Burbank: 14 (2/6)
Paula Poundstone: 14 (4/5)
Faith Salie: 14 (2/6)
Chosen: Paula Poundstone
Correct: Faith Salie
Mike Birbiglia: 2
Who's Bill This Time?, Bluff the Listener about struggling businesses improving customer service, Not My Job about Julia Child, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: who will President Obama choose as his running mate if he were to drop Vice President Biden?
Another three-way tie. Although Paula did not win outright in this game, Paula's winning streak is now up to six games.

In the edited version of the show, they only included five of Paula's questions for the Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank round; in which, Paula answered four of those correctly.