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Chicago, IL (Chase Auditorium)Peter Sagal Carl Kasell, SE 
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Dick Van Dyke: 2
Bill Clinton: 3
Best of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, featuring favorite moments as requested by listeners. Segments include: Voicemails, Celebrity Revelations, Listener Contestant Moments and Mo Moments
In the first Mo Moment that listeners requested was 2011-06-18's second panelist round discussion about daddy baby showers lead to Mo Rocca saying that having a Hula dancer in the same room as a mother giving birth would be a relaxing agent. Luke Burbank came back asking if that would be something that would be blogged on "MoRoccaTheWorldsWorstObstetrician.net". At the end of that moment, Peter Sagal mentioned that I registered that domain and that it redirects to this site. Woot!