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Best Of
Repeat of 2007-01-06
(TBD)Peter Sagal Carl Kasell, SE 
Tom Bodett
Sue Ellicott
Charlie Pierce
Roy Blount, Jr.
Mo Rocca
Luke Burbank
Paula Poundstone
Amy Dickinson
Chosen: (N/A)
Correct: (N/A)
Craig Ferguson: 1
Dave Barry: 2
Gwen Ifill: 2
Calvin Trillin: 2
Kevin Clash and Elmo: 2
Best of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! featuring several favorite Not My Job guests from 2006
Repeat of 2007-01-06 show.
(TBD)Peter Sagal Carl Kasell, SE 
Roxanne Roberts: 19 (3/8)
Tom Bodett: 15 (3/6)
Charlie Pierce: 12 (2/5)
Chosen: (N/A)
Correct: Roxanne Roberts
Andrea Mitchell: 1
Who's Carl This Time?, Bluff the Listener about more annoying things being done by airlines, Not My Job about Sonny Landham, the third actor from "Predator" to try to enter politics, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: who will be Madonna's next love interest?
Charlie Pierce tried to get his answer of through an airplane window or door to be accepted by Peter and Carl, even though the correct answer was the airplane emergency slide.
(TBD)Adam Felber Carl Kasell, SE 
Charlie Pierce: 19 (5/7)
Amy Dickinson: 11 (1/5)
Paul Provenza: 10 (2/4)
Chosen: (N/A)
Correct: Amy Dickinson
John Waters: 1
Who's Carl This Time?, Bluff the Listener about Christmas in July, Not My Job about Jersey City, New Jersey, Who's Carl This Time? Round II, Panelist Predictions: what will be the first noticeable change after Budweiser was purchased by the Belgians?
(TBD)Adam Felber Carl Kasell, SE 
Paul Provenza: 14 (2/7)
Kyrie O'Connor: 14 (4/5)
Mo Rocca: 11 (3/4)
Chosen: (N/A)
Correct: Mo Rocca
Peter Bogdanovich: 0
Who's Carl This Time?, Bluff the Listener about a person's past coming back to haunt them at their current job, Not My Job about derivation of different words as written in the book "I Didn't Know That...", Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: how will John McCain be able to top Barack Obama's world tour?
Another show in which all three correct Not My Job answers were the second answer.