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Panelist Statistics

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Appearances: 9
Appearances with R/B: 13
Appearances with Score: 9
First Appearence: 2015-09-19
Latest Appearance: 2017-03-18
1st Place: 0 (0.00%)
1st Place (Tied): 1 (11.11%)
2nd Place: 3 (33.33%)
2nd Place (Tied): 1 (11.11%)
3rd Place: 4 (44.44%)
Min / Max Scores: 7 / 15
Median: 12
Mean: 11.5556
Standard Deviation: 2.5055
Sum of Scores: 104
Last time Adam Burke has won outright: (N/A)
Last time Adam Burke has won outright or tied for first: 2015-12-19 (7 show(s) since last appearance)
Number of times a listener has chosen Adam Burke's bluff: 4
Number of times Adam Burke had the true story: 3
List of appearances: